Its a beautiful world.

Mark and I have been sailing all around the Chesapeake Bay for a few weeks.  We have been working on our boat to get things put together and carefully stowed away so we don’t break any more tablets.  Everything on K’ten is working purrfectly and we have mostly smooth sailing.  We are preparing to head down the ICW in just a couple of weeks but in the meantime we are exploring this huge area of beauty where we are.  We are in no hurry and and that feels good.  I have been trying to take some film, but can’t seem to hold still to get a good recording.  I will have to go to photos and work my way up to the moving pictures.  

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2 Responses to Its a beautiful world.

  1. Ron Witmer says:

    went to Somers Cove with a bottle of wine for you…but you were gone…fair winds


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