Journey Begins

We leave Somers Cove Marina on October 3, a warm Monday morning. We had pleasant winds and a following sea. Even with a late start we managed to make it to Occahonnic Creek as we had hoped. We had a wonderful night and saw a beautiful display of stars. The next morning we were off again, however, the skys were gray and the winds were strong.
The highlight of Tuesday was a pod of dolphins swimming by our starboard side. We were bounced around by the winds and waves but we were happy to be where we were. We made it to Willoughby Bay and had a very windy night. Our anchor held so we were in a good spot, but these two sailors did not sleep at all that night.
Wednesday was another choppy beginning however, we were almost to the ICW and after entering that area, we had a smooth beautiful ride down the Dismal Swamp. Our first lock was an adventure. The Lock master was very helpful and gave us some good advice for our travels and advised us of what we need to look for. We also met U-Turn a 12 year old puppy who is very fond of lunch meat. Remember that if you ever go down the Dismal Swamp and through Deep Creek lock.
The dismal Swamp is a rare, beautiful, peaceful place. Every where you turn is another beautiful spot to exclaim over. There were herons flying over head that were so graceful in their play. We made it to a nice little area called the Dismal Swamp State Park whereas were able to wait out hurricane Matthew. We will update when the storm has past and we can again move forward. We hope the storms do not bring any trees down into the swamp as we have already been warned that the corps of engineers will not be returning to e Dismal Swamp until after the 13th of October.
So be safe all those in the area where this storm may pass, don’t take any risks that could get you hurt. Our prayers go out to the families of those who were unable to get in Haiti and also Cuba. Thanks for keeping up with us and we hope you enjoy the post. We will try to post some photos of the area soon.

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