Enduring Hurricane Matthew

As we expected, it appears we may be stuck at the Dismal Swamp Canal Visitor Center for a little while longer.  Water is on the rise again.  I Got up this morning around 7:00A.M. to find that he water level had not receded any over night.  While making the mornings pot a coffee I noticed that the levels had begun to rise again.  As with the actual storm on Sunday morning, I could sit patiently and watch the water slowly rise above dock level again.  It is around 3:00 P.M. now and I just finished loosening dock lines to give us a little more room.IMG_20161009_102646.jpg

Level with dock this morning.



Water beginning to cover the dock


Gotta wade from here!

Level has continued to rise till currently it is about 4 inches above the dock and still rising.  Good thing we have lots of long lines!

On to lighter things.  Elizabeth baked her first loaves of bread this yesterday.  I have to say, for her first attempt at yeast bread, it turned out pretty good.


It tastes as good as it looks.  Enough to last a couple days.  If you don’t just eat it all in one sitting.  YUM!!!

So life goes on in the Dismal Swamp.  The locks both north and south are closed due to high water.  The lockmaster informs us that the water needs to drop at least a couple feet before even thinking about operating the locks.  Then the flooded gear boxes must serviced and the locks inspected before operations can be resumed.  Guess we’re going to be here awhile.

Will be sure to post again when we return to our travels on our quest for sunnier climes and clearer waters.  Keep an eye on the”SPOT” page to see if we are on the move again.  I don’t know when we will have internet access once we leave the visitor center.

Things could be better, but we’re still smiling.IMG_20161003_184555.jpg

Catch you on the flip side

The Tinks Unfurled

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