Hanging Out In The Dismal Swamp

No surprises, we are still here.  We don’t know how long it will be before the locks are repaired, but we are in a very tranquil location, we have plenty of supplies and all is well.  Meanwhile, we stay busy.  The water pump was letting in air, so Mark took it out, we cleaned the water filter and put everything back together, and it is still doing the same thing.  We will figure it out, or at least Mark will and I will offer suggestions that don’t apply to water pumps.

We meet people every day and I hope we get to see them again.  There is a couple who came down to the docks and talked to us on there way back from a vacation.  We talked for a long time and when they walked away, I asked them to try to come back before we left.  They did and we got to talk again.  I can truly say the people we have met since starting these travels have truly been impressive.

We were able to borrow the bicycles from the rest area and take a ride yesterday.  When we started the trip, we thought we would just take a ride up to where the trail was flooded.


The trail wasn’t flooded so we went to South Mills Village.  It is a little over 5 miles away.  We took a peek at the lock and it is still inundated with water, still flowing over the top, and the spillway is still opened all the way. The levels are getting lower, but there is still quite a bit of water that needs to head on downstream.  We checked out a couple of thrift stores and then it was time to head back and return the bicycles.  It seemed like the wind was pushing me back until we hit the trail, then it seemed to be all downhill from there.  This is good when you are riding a bicycle.  We made it back in time to return the bikes and fall exhausted into a seat.  It was a good trip and we think we just might do it again.  This will be fun and I hope easier the second time around.



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