Good News, wait, What?

We received some good news last night.  Well, perhaps it was just enough to give us hope the locks would open soon.  However, once I thought about it, perhaps it was not good news at all.  You can let me know.

Nadia, is in the 39 Lagoon right behind us here in the Dismal Swamp.  She just returned from South Mills Village where she spoke to the Lock Master.  She let us know his opinion of the status of the lock opening.  She smiles ever so brightly and says, “The Lock Master says the locks will not open today or tomorrow but perhaps soon.”  I accepted this news with joy and returned to the boat to have supper.  Spoke with Mark about it all through our meal.  He just kept smiling and eating his supper.  Then I began to think about the words the lock master used.  I knew that smile meant something, then I thought about the words over and over, the actual words, not what I wanted them to mean.  Perhaps this was not good news at all.

On another note, a deer fell into the canal last night.  She was swimming to the other shore, on the side of the rest area when we saw her.  She changes direction and heads back to the wild side.  It takes her a few tries to get back up on the bank but she is successful.  She was beautiful, healthy and certainly strong as evidenced by her ability to pull herself up the steep bank.  I hope she is more careful about where she goes for a drink of water in the future.  IMG_20161015_162759.jpg


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2 Responses to Good News, wait, What?

  1. Italo sessegolo says:

    Who knows what soon might mean… but as long as you’re not on a deadline, who cares? 🙂 It sounds like you are in a magical spot… enjoy every moment! I’m sure you’ll be on your way in a few days. Thanks for posting some pics!!!


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