Island of coconuts and raccoons.

People adapt to changes in their environment, circumstances change, we all adapt.  Its how humans have managed to remain alive.  I am adapting now.  Yes, sitting on this boat, looking off at the little island we have been enjoying for the past few days.  And yes, I am getting used to this.  We are well fed while we are here.  The fish are excellent.  There are clams on one side of the island, just like in the books.  Yes I am keeping an eye on those raccoons.  They are cute and they do like food, however,  I am from Tennessee and those raccoons don’t mind being mean, I think they rather like it.  These raccoons look like they may be related.  I can enjoy cute without getting close.

Those of our friends and family who are dealing with the fires in our Great Smoky Mtns. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you all.  Our tears go out for the lovely forest which is being consumed. We have been watching the progress of these fires with growing concern as it continues to spread.  I know there is an equalizing in the universe, but these fires are still a sad thing to me.  My family lives there and has for a very long time.  It is one of my favorite places to be.  Guess it is one of those times when adapting is harder.

Enjoy the day, every day.  It really is why we are here.  Leaving nothing but footprints.


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