Waccamaw River in SC

What a great day to be on the water.  I wrote letters to my grandchildren as we traveled a river that continued to take my breath away.  The ICW is amazing even in the busy parts.  You have to pay attention to your surroundings or you can get in trouble.  On another note, litterbugs are not nice people.  Just an opinion of those who are not litterbugs.

So beautiful day awesome river smiling Elizabeth and happy Mark.

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Down the ICW

What an adventure.  We are waking up this spectacular sunrises and going to bed soon after an awe inspiring sunset.  We have had some really picturesque anchorages and have only got stuck for a few minutes at a time.

We saw a small spit of land that was covered with Pelicans.  I took pictures and Mark will try to get them posted, but I can’t seem to stand still while the camera does its thing.  We are now at Calabash Creek anchorage, just barely in SC.  We are scooting right along.



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Elizabeth City. Here we are.

We were able to leave the Dismal Swamp after saying bye to some wonderful people.  The trip was beautiful and impressive.  After twelve days there were still flooded roads and houses along our route.  We reached Elizabeth City about 530 in the evening and were invited to dock at the Mid-Atlantic Christian University.  It is a lovely campus.  The students we met were amazing young people.  We were invited to a wine and cheese event by the Rose Buddies.  We met others who were heading down the ICW and had a real nice time.  The museum was beautiful with tiffany lamps and windows along with artwork and history of the area.  The city was inviting and the historical houses were spectacular.

But alas now it is time to continue our journey so farewell Elizabeth City, until we meet again.

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Good News, wait, What?

We received some good news last night.  Well, perhaps it was just enough to give us hope the locks would open soon.  However, once I thought about it, perhaps it was not good news at all.  You can let me know.

Nadia, is in the 39 Lagoon right behind us here in the Dismal Swamp.  She just returned from South Mills Village where she spoke to the Lock Master.  She let us know his opinion of the status of the lock opening.  She smiles ever so brightly and says, “The Lock Master says the locks will not open today or tomorrow but perhaps soon.”  I accepted this news with joy and returned to the boat to have supper.  Spoke with Mark about it all through our meal.  He just kept smiling and eating his supper.  Then I began to think about the words the lock master used.  I knew that smile meant something, then I thought about the words over and over, the actual words, not what I wanted them to mean.  Perhaps this was not good news at all.

On another note, a deer fell into the canal last night.  She was swimming to the other shore, on the side of the rest area when we saw her.  She changes direction and heads back to the wild side.  It takes her a few tries to get back up on the bank but she is successful.  She was beautiful, healthy and certainly strong as evidenced by her ability to pull herself up the steep bank.  I hope she is more careful about where she goes for a drink of water in the future.  IMG_20161015_162759.jpg


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Hanging Out In The Dismal Swamp

No surprises, we are still here.  We don’t know how long it will be before the locks are repaired, but we are in a very tranquil location, we have plenty of supplies and all is well.  Meanwhile, we stay busy.  The water pump was letting in air, so Mark took it out, we cleaned the water filter and put everything back together, and it is still doing the same thing.  We will figure it out, or at least Mark will and I will offer suggestions that don’t apply to water pumps.

We meet people every day and I hope we get to see them again.  There is a couple who came down to the docks and talked to us on there way back from a vacation.  We talked for a long time and when they walked away, I asked them to try to come back before we left.  They did and we got to talk again.  I can truly say the people we have met since starting these travels have truly been impressive.

We were able to borrow the bicycles from the rest area and take a ride yesterday.  When we started the trip, we thought we would just take a ride up to where the trail was flooded.


The trail wasn’t flooded so we went to South Mills Village.  It is a little over 5 miles away.  We took a peek at the lock and it is still inundated with water, still flowing over the top, and the spillway is still opened all the way. The levels are getting lower, but there is still quite a bit of water that needs to head on downstream.  We checked out a couple of thrift stores and then it was time to head back and return the bicycles.  It seemed like the wind was pushing me back until we hit the trail, then it seemed to be all downhill from there.  This is good when you are riding a bicycle.  We made it back in time to return the bikes and fall exhausted into a seat.  It was a good trip and we think we just might do it again.  This will be fun and I hope easier the second time around.



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Enduring Hurricane Matthew

As we expected, it appears we may be stuck at the Dismal Swamp Canal Visitor Center for a little while longer.  Water is on the rise again.  I Got up this morning around 7:00A.M. to find that he water level had not receded any over night.  While making the mornings pot a coffee I noticed that the levels had begun to rise again.  As with the actual storm on Sunday morning, I could sit patiently and watch the water slowly rise above dock level again.  It is around 3:00 P.M. now and I just finished loosening dock lines to give us a little more room.IMG_20161009_102646.jpg

Level with dock this morning.



Water beginning to cover the dock


Gotta wade from here!

Level has continued to rise till currently it is about 4 inches above the dock and still rising.  Good thing we have lots of long lines!

On to lighter things.  Elizabeth baked her first loaves of bread this yesterday.  I have to say, for her first attempt at yeast bread, it turned out pretty good.


It tastes as good as it looks.  Enough to last a couple days.  If you don’t just eat it all in one sitting.  YUM!!!

So life goes on in the Dismal Swamp.  The locks both north and south are closed due to high water.  The lockmaster informs us that the water needs to drop at least a couple feet before even thinking about operating the locks.  Then the flooded gear boxes must serviced and the locks inspected before operations can be resumed.  Guess we’re going to be here awhile.

Will be sure to post again when we return to our travels on our quest for sunnier climes and clearer waters.  Keep an eye on the”SPOT” page to see if we are on the move again.  I don’t know when we will have internet access once we leave the visitor center.

Things could be better, but we’re still smiling.IMG_20161003_184555.jpg

Catch you on the flip side

The Tinks Unfurled

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Journey Begins

We leave Somers Cove Marina on October 3, a warm Monday morning. We had pleasant winds and a following sea. Even with a late start we managed to make it to Occahonnic Creek as we had hoped. We had a wonderful night and saw a beautiful display of stars. The next morning we were off again, however, the skys were gray and the winds were strong.
The highlight of Tuesday was a pod of dolphins swimming by our starboard side. We were bounced around by the winds and waves but we were happy to be where we were. We made it to Willoughby Bay and had a very windy night. Our anchor held so we were in a good spot, but these two sailors did not sleep at all that night.
Wednesday was another choppy beginning however, we were almost to the ICW and after entering that area, we had a smooth beautiful ride down the Dismal Swamp. Our first lock was an adventure. The Lock master was very helpful and gave us some good advice for our travels and advised us of what we need to look for. We also met U-Turn a 12 year old puppy who is very fond of lunch meat. Remember that if you ever go down the Dismal Swamp and through Deep Creek lock.
The dismal Swamp is a rare, beautiful, peaceful place. Every where you turn is another beautiful spot to exclaim over. There were herons flying over head that were so graceful in their play. We made it to a nice little area called the Dismal Swamp State Park whereas were able to wait out hurricane Matthew. We will update when the storm has past and we can again move forward. We hope the storms do not bring any trees down into the swamp as we have already been warned that the corps of engineers will not be returning to e Dismal Swamp until after the 13th of October.
So be safe all those in the area where this storm may pass, don’t take any risks that could get you hurt. Our prayers go out to the families of those who were unable to get in Haiti and also Cuba. Thanks for keeping up with us and we hope you enjoy the post. We will try to post some photos of the area soon.

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