Its a beautiful world.

Mark and I have been sailing all around the Chesapeake Bay for a few weeks.  We have been working on our boat to get things put together and carefully stowed away so we don’t break any more tablets.  Everything on K’ten is working purrfectly and we have mostly smooth sailing.  We are preparing to head down the ICW in just a couple of weeks but in the meantime we are exploring this huge area of beauty where we are.  We are in no hurry and and that feels good.  I have been trying to take some film, but can’t seem to hold still to get a good recording.  I will have to go to photos and work my way up to the moving pictures.  

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Retirement begins!

Sunday afternoon was here and Mark didn’t go to work.  Actually we were on our way to Maryland.  It is now time to touch these boats only examined by photographs.  And we saw boats.  I must say that photos did not do one boat justice and photos did two boats too much justice.  If you have not been to the Chesapeake bay I would like to encourage you to have a visit.  The natives are friendly and the Somer set Motel in Crisfield was a most pleasant surprise.  We believe we have found our new home, as you know it will be a Gemini, so tuned for further developments.

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Gettin’ Close

Well,  it’s Sunday May 8th – Just 53 days till “blastoff”.  Close enough to begin making Elizabeth a little nervous.  We are progressing fairly well with getting rid of most of the “stuff” that will not accompany us to our new home.  Sold the Nissan, finishing a few small repairs on the BMW before putting it on the market and have an interested party for the truck.  We will keep the Hyundai until the last-minute and us it for the boat hunt.

I don’t think we have mentioned officially that we will be shopping for a Performance Cruising Gemini 105Mc Catamaran to be our next home.  Probably a 2006 to 2010 model will fit the bill.  Hopefully we can find a knowledgable, caring former cruiser or liveaboard who loves their boat as much as we plan on loving her when she is ours.  We are currently lurking on many web sites searching for possibilities and filling up a spreadsheet with all the names, addresses and equipment lists.  We have looked at a couple of boats already, and one has gone onto the short list.  We are bracing ourselves for lots of driving and overnight stays in seedy motels till we stumble upon the “perfect” choice.

We will start more regular posts as we get even closer to D-Day (July 1st) and have something actually interesting to write about.  Until then, thanks for taking the time to read this post and stay tuned for updates.

As always,

Fair Wind And Following Seas

The Tinks



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Adventure with the “GoPro”

A note to say – Just published a short video on YouTube —
(YouTube Channel – “The Tinks Unfurled”).  What can happen when one doesn’t pay attention.  Enjoy.  “Like” and “Subscribe” if you want to share our future (mis)adventures.  Cheers.

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Out Of The Blocks

Welcome to our first attempt at blogging.  We make no promises.

My name is Mark and my lovely wife’s name is Elizabeth.  Together we are “The Tinklers” or as you might have guessed by now “The Tinks” for short. Over the next few months we will be getting rid of most of our “stuff” and will be shopping for our new home.  We plan on spending the rest of our days plying the deep blue oceans of the world from the decks of our own boat, living the dream we have shared since meeting some 10 years ago.

We invite you to share in our adventures.  This will be a blog about our lives as liveaboard sailors as we explore a new life together.  Don’t know where it will take us but I hope we all will enjoy the ride.

So until next time:

Fair winds and following seas

The Tinks

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